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Nostalgia's A Weapon, They Tell Me

{title stolen from Goodbye to Yesterday by Ben Lee} Tim, my big brother, is fifty years old. If you read my last post , it won't surprise you to hear that I have a whole bunch of feelings wrapped up in this milestone; none of them are overwhelmingly positive. But I'm working with an EMDR therapist who's helping me sort through and organize those feelings. Baby steps... When I look for joy in my childhood memories, I think of playing with Tim when were little kids, at our mom's crap shack in Brunswick, Georgia. Whisper-begging from the bottom bunk until he agreed to a few rounds of Name That Tune. Simple moments of pure joy. (Until Mom yelled at us to shush and go to sleep.) His laugh was always the best prize. And after I watched this with him, I know it still is.