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I'm Back, Back In the New York Groove

  {title stolen from   Back In the New York Groove   by Ace Frehly} Well hey there, Blogosphere! Is there even a Blogosphere anymore?  So, yeah, it’s been five years since I published an entry.  Here’s a quick update: -My dad is still dead . -My mom is still alive. She’s 78. -I am not a workout enthusiast anymore, but I do Pilates and I try not to eat myself out of my clothes. -I’m closer to 50 than I am to 40 . -My family survived the worst of the pandemic, and we all still like each other. -I finally took a writing class. My classmates became my pandemic writing pod and we never missed our weekly Zoom meetings. Even when Ronni lost her mom to Covid. -I never stopped writing. Now I have a writing coach who is making sure I never do. -My brother Tim still has Primary Progressive Mulitple Sclerosis . He’s almost wheelchair-bound. -My brother also has Schizotypal Disorder and engages in “magical thinking” which makes it difficult to help him understand that PPMS cannot be cured by st